The Arizona Suzuki Association is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the Suzuki philosophy and to support Suzuki activities within the state of Arizona. Formed in 1996, membership includes parents, teachers, and supporters. ASA officers are elected annually by the membership. ASA teachers offer instruction in violin, viola, cello, bass, piano, guitar, and flute.

Our Purpose

    • To advance the Suzuki philosophy through teaching students, training teachers, and educating parents and the general public
    • To motivate students to become persons of exceptional ability and good character through music education.
    • To encourage the highest standards of excellence in teaching, learning, and┬áplaying.Suzuki_Violin_No.580_4-4_(1982)_f-hole (1)


  • To promote communication and sharing of ideas among teachers and parents.
  • To coordinate, support, and publicize Arizona Suzuki events.Piano_Keyboard
  • Statewide events such as institutes, parent conventions, play-ins.
  • Student workshops and teacher training.
  • Provide a Suzuki resource library including video and printed materials.
  • Provide a periodic newsletter.
  • Provide a membership directory.