100 Day Practice Challenge

Challenge yourself to practice 100 days before September 20, 2020 and you will receive a certificate from ASA. Print the chart and mark a box each day you practice! When you complete the challenge fill in the form below.

Happy practicing!

Summer Practice Challenge Details

Download and print the 100 Day Practice Chart HERE

Students who attend the Fall Round-Up (Sept 26 on Zoom) will be acknowledged for their accomplishment. Certificates will be sent by email as a PDF attachment.

We want everyone to have the chance to participate! Students also have the option to complete 50 or 75 days and get a certificate.

Instructions for completing the challenge

Students who have practiced 50, 75, or 100 days by Sept 20 will get a PDF certificate. Students who completed the challenge will be acknowledged at the Fall Round-Up Grand Finale on Sept 26. In order to be included in that, please submit form no later than Sept. 24.

Please fill out the form and submit. https://forms.gle/kuZrbjeWujhZH5Fz5

If you are not able to fill out the form above, please take a picture of your chart and send it to arizonasuzuki@gmail.com

ASA will then email you a PDF of your practice challenge certificate.

Tips for Success

Remember that when starting the challenge, less is more. Dr. Suzuki said that 3 minutes, 5 times a day is ideal for a beginner.

Focus on tasks completed, rather than number of minutes practiced.

Celebrate milestones!