Suggested Reading List

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Nurtured by Love (Revised Edition)Suzuki_SG-3B_NL_sound_hole,_manufactured_in_Hamamatsu,_Japan
by Shinichi Suzuki (Paperback – 2013)

Ability Development from Age Zero (Suzuki Method International)
by Shinichi Suzuki, Mary Louise Nagata

Young Children’s Talent Education & Its Method
by Shinichi Suzuki

A Suzuki Parent’s Diary, or How I Survived My First 10,000 Twinkles (Suzuki Method International)
by Caroll Morris, Carroll Morris

The Suzuki Violinist : A Guide for Teachers and Parents Item # 0605 (Suzuki Method International)
by William Starr

To Learn With Love: A Companion for Suzuki Parents
by Contance and William Starr

Is Suzuki Education Working in America
by Ray Landers

Diamond in the Sky
by Jerlene Cannon

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