Benefits of joining the ASA


Suzuki Principles in Action class with Beth Titterington, 2012

The Arizona Suzuki Association was formed in 1996…

  1. To advance the Suzuki philosophy through teaching students, training teachers, and educating parents and the general public.
  2. To motivate students to become persons of exceptional ability and good character through music education.
  3. To encourage the highest standards of excellence in teaching, learning and playing.
  4. To promote communication and sharing of ideas among teachers and parents.
  5. To coordinate, support, and publicize Arizona Suzuki events.

Chaparral MusicFest Suzuki Academy, Prescott, 2013

The Arizona Suzuki Association gives all teachers and students in Arizona a chance to work together to grow the philosophy and watch it transform the lives of our students and further Dr. Suzuki’s dream of transforming the world. It is up to all of us who believe in the philosophy to unite and nourish this wonderful seed of Dr. Suzuki.

We have some very fertile areas of growth in the State. Have you heard about all of them?

  • In Flagstaff, Louise Scott is a registered Suzuki Violin Teacher Trainer and teaches applied violin and Suzuki pedagogy at NAU. Karin Hallberg is the coordinator of the Suzuki String Program at NAU.
  • In the Phoenix area VSSA (Valley of the Sun Suzuki Association), has 60+ Suzuki violin and cello students in its program. ASA-PPG (Phoenix Piano Group) holds recitals in the Phoenix area. Check out our Teacher Directory for more outstanding Suzuki Teachers in the Phoenix area.
  • Prescott holds an annual summer Suzuki Institute, the Chaparral Suzuki Academy, for Suzuki piano, violin, viola, and cello students.
  • Tucson is the home of the Music and Dance Academy of Tucson that teaches violin, piano, cello, flute, and guitar. Alice Vierra is a registered Suzuki Cello Teacher Trainer offering training opportunites for cello teachers. Laura Tagawa holds violin group lessons regularly. Other Suzuki teachers in Tucson can be found in our Teacher Directory.

There are probably more islands of Suzuki going on around the state. If you know of some that are not associated with ASA, please tell them about us so we can truly be an organization that “promotes communication and sharing of ideas among teachers and parents, and coordinates, supports, and publicizes Arizona Suzuki events” as our mission statement states.

The Arizona Suzuki Association, NAU, VSSA, and The Music Academy of Tucson each offer workshops and camps each year that are open to students from all over the state. Find out what is happening in your state and where students can go for workshops and camps. Let us know what you are doing. Join with us to support your state organization and help the Suzuki philosophy grow and blossom.

For more information and to join, visit out contact page.