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2017 Hurricane Relief Play-A-Thon

2017 Hurricane Relief Play-A-Thon

Dear Arizona Suzuki families,

We all have been shaken by the news of damage by hurricanes in our country over the last several months. Some of the people affected are Suzuki families like us.

What can we do?

Let’s play our instruments for relief!

Pick a week in October before tHalloween.

Have your teacher make a list of eligible pieces/practice items.

Gather pledges per item (i.e. 10 cents for every book 1 piece, you can choose any amount).


Collect the money based on how much you played.

Please open and print form below to collect pledges and donations.

2017 Hurricane Relief Play-A-Thon

Send  your completed form and collected donation money to our ASA Treasurer. He will send one check from ASA to SAA.   Please contact to get his address.

The money will go the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA), who already have a fund dedicated to hurricane relief. It will go to students from the Houston and Southeast Texas Suzuki Groups, and hopefully to Puerto Rico as well. It will be used by those groups to replace instruments, bows, cases, music, etc. It may also help to provide lesson scholarships for those who are facing serious financial difficulties as a result of their losses. This fund drive is supported by volunteers of the ASA and SAA, so 100% of funds raised will be donated to those in need.

Thanks. Let’s get to practicing!

Questions? Please contact