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Violin Review List

Book 1: Twinkle Variations, Lightly Row, Song of the Wind, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Allegro, Perpetual Motion, Minuet 3, Happy Farmer

Book 2: Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus, Waltz, Witches’ Dance, Bourree, Two Grenadiers

Book 3: Gavotte in G Minor, Bach Minuet, Humoesque

Book 4: Seitz Concerto No 5, 1st movement, Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor, 1st movement

Book 5: Country Dance and German Dance

Book 6: La Folia (Not for concert), Handel Sonata in F Major, 2nd movement

Cello and Viola Review List

Book 1: Twinkles, FF Song, Go Tell Aunt Rhody, Allegro, Rigadoon and Happy Farmer.

Book Two: Minuet 3, Hunter’s Chorus, and 2 Grenadiers.

Book 3: Lully Gavotte, Bach Gavotte,

Book 4: Chanson Triste

Book 5: Danse Rustique

String Orchestra  Music with Winifred Crock (All Advanced Violin, Viola, Cello Students, Bk 4 and Up), please download and print your parts, practice them, and bring them to the workshop. Everyone needs the first one “Mosier-Blues Rhythmico Prep Pages”. Also print your part for Mosier Blue Rhythmico and Rich Rondino.

Violin part assignment: Violin 1 (Book 5 and Up), Violin 2 (Book 4 Vivaldi Concerto to end of book), Violin 3 (Book 4 Seitz Concertos)

Mosier- Blue Rhythmico Prep Pages all

Mosier Blue Rhythmico All Parts FF copy 2

Rich Rondino Giovale Parts New

Violin Ensemble with Winifred Crock (All Advanced Violinists, Bk 4 and Up)

Trott Puppet Show Vn

Cello Choir Music with Mary Beth Tyndall

LaBambaforMBT – Cello I  LaBambaforMBT – Cello II  LaBambaforMBT – Cello III   LaBambaforMBT – Cello IV

mooleehua – Cello I.mus  mooleehua – Cello II.mus   mooleehua – Cello III.mus   mooleehua – Cello IV.mus

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